North Florida Broadband Authority

North Florida Broadband Authority



Welcome to the North Florida Broadband Authority project website. The Information Use Management & Policy Institute of Florida State University, College of Communication & Information, School of Library & Information Studies has received an award from the North Florida Broadband Authority to perform several activities in support of its $30 million Ubiquitous Middle Mile Project for which the NFBA has obtained funding from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration as part of the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program.

Anticipated Outcomes

Anticipated outcomes are the following.

  • Inform the deployment and configuration of the middle mile network.
  • Increase the successful deployment and use of broadband at the various anchor institutions in the RACEC.
  • Insure that users of the various anchor institutions obtain high quality and up-to-date broadband services.
  • Position the NFBA to better document the success of the project based on intended outcomes described in the original proposal to the NTIA.
  • Assist in obtaining additional funds for broadband expansion and economic development in the region.

Project Background