Service Types

The Information Institute provides services that promote information and library services, programs, and products in both the public and the private sectors. The work at the Institute addresses a broad range of research questions and policy issues important to government, business, information providers, and the public. The Institute aims to create partnerships of inquiry between researchers, users of research, and public and private policy makers and practitioners. It uses an interdisciplinary approach in all of its activities.

Education & Instruction

  •  The Information Institute has been engaged in various educational and instructional activities including developing training tools and compiling resources.


Planning & Research

  • The Institute's planning and research services assist clients in planning information services, policies, technologies and products that focus on the needs of information users.


Design & Development

  • The Institute has been dedicated to translating research and development findings into practical solutions, policies, and procedures for improving information standards, products, and services.



  •  The Institute's evaluation services focus on analyzing and evaluating the impact of systems from policy, organizational, and user perspectives.


Broadband Deployment & Use 

  • The Institute provides assessment, environmental scanning, and related research services to investigate the economic and educational impacts of the deployment and use of Broadband and associated technologies, particularly in rural areas. 


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