Hurricane Preparedness & Response for Florida Public Libraries

Hurricane in Atlantic ocean

Improving Florida Public Library Utilization in Community Hurricane Response

Service Role

Should a disaster strike, the community counts on the public library to improvise and do what is needed to assist in the community’s recovery.

Photo Credit: M. McKnight.
Photo Credit: M. McKnight.

Best practices may include:

  • Be prepared for a shift in focus, management skill set needed and faster decision making pace;
  • Focus first on how the library and its available assets (staff and facilities) can help the community recover;
  • Flexible, quick, decision making and use of pre-assembled assets will be essential to help staff, facilities and community recover;
  • Recognize that communication with staff, local government and emergency management is a priority but it may not be possible right after the storm passes;
  • Most counties have plans in place for staff use;
  • Review other hurricane affected library managers experiences to prepare. See Improvise Best Resources.
  • Improvise Best Resources