About the Team

Hurricane Preparedness & Response for Florida Public Libraries

Hurricane in Atlantic ocean

Improving Florida Public Library Utilization in Community Hurricane Response

Project Team


Charles McClure
  • Charles R. McClure
  • Rm 226 Louis Shores Bldg
  • Information Institute
  • 850-644-8109
  • cmcclure@ci.fsu.edu


Job Title: Director of the Information Use Management & Policy Institute at the College of Information, Florida State University. He founded, and has managed the annual Public Library and the Internet studies since 1994 and is a recognized expert on public library technology use/deployment, planning, evaluation, and services.

He has published extensively on these topics as well as government information policy. Since his arrival at Florida State University in 1999, after being a distinguished professor at Syracuse University, he has guided the Information Institute in conducting some $5 million in various funded research projects. Additional information about McClure's background and experience can be found at: http://mcclure.ii.fsu.edu

Susan Thomas
  • Susan C. Thomas
  • Rm 010 Louis Shores Bldg
  • Information Institute
  • 850-645-2200
  • sthomas@ci.fsu.edu


Job Title: Program Coordinator, Ms. Thomas has 20 years of work experience with Florida State University. Since coming to work for the Information Use Management and Policy Institute she has been responsible for assisting with development, negotiations and submissions of research proposals; management of Institute contracts and grants operations; fiscal and administrative operations; coordination of research projects; conference and lecture planning; and management of project deadlines, deliverables and invoicing. She also assists with report compilation and editing, and serves as the lead in activities related to developing and maintaining the Institute’s web site.

Mike Falcon
  • Mike D. Falcon
  • Rm 010 Louis Shores Bldg
  • Information Institute
  • 850-645-5683
  • mfalcon@fsu.edu


Job Title: Web Developer and Graduate Research Associate, Mr. Falcon has been working at the Information Institute since July 2007. During that time, he has worked on developing web site projects concerning electronic government, information policy, and the use of Library Services and Technology funding in public libraries. Mr. Falcon also maintains the Institute’s web site along with other web site development projects.

Mr. Falcon has a M.S. in Information Architecture & Technology with a concentration in Web Development & Management and a B.S. in Information Technology with a concentration in Computer Science from Florida State University. He is now pursuing an MBA from Florida State University's College of Business. Mr. Falcon’s academic and career interests include web development, IT project management, corporate technology management, and the software development process.

Lauren Mandel
  • Lauren H. Mandel
  • Rm 010 Louis Shores Bldg
  • Information Institute
  • 850-645-5683
  • lmandel@fsu.edu


Job Title: Graduate Research Associate, at the Information Use Management and Policy Institute and a Doctoral Student at the College of Information. Her research interests include Public Library Facility Design, Wayfinding, and Geographic Information Studies.

She earned a Bachelor's degree in History at Vassar College and received a Master's of Science in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. She joined the Information Institute in 2008 and has worked on projects related to E-Government, Health Informatics, and Public Library Services.

Sara Pierce
  • Sara Pierce
  • Rm 010 Louis Shores Bldg
  • Information Institute
  • (850) 645-5683
  • sep09c@fsu.edu


Job Title: Research Associate. Before coming to the Information Institute, Sara worked as an archival assistant in a medical school library in St. John’s, Canada and as the principal development researcher at a non-profit in Orlando, Florida. As a graduate research associate at the Information Institute, she assists with various projects, including a survey of energy literature and annotations.

Sara traveled to Canada to complete her B.A. in English Literature from Memorial University of Newfoundland in snowy St. John’s, Canada, after first going there through a study abroad program while a student at the University of Central Florida. Sara is currently pursuing a Master’s in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University.