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Assessment Plan for the Florida IT Career (FITC) Pathways Alliance Project

  • The Florida IT Career (FITC) Pathways Alliance, a five-year project funded by the Florida Board of Governors' (BOG) Targeted Educational Attainment Grant Program (TEAm), aims to examine area college, university, and select high schools’ information technology (IT) and computing programs’ ability to meet student, employer and faculty/administrator needs and expectations to support recruiting, retaining and placing qualified graduates in IT and computing professions. To support the strategic goals of the FITC project, the Information Institute willcollect and analyze data to document and describe North Florida’s IT career pathways including the K-16 education pipeline.
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Creating Rural Economic Development Opportunities through Broadband Adoption (IMLS)

This project was funded through a planning project that was awarded by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Information Use Management & Policy Institute. A sustainability plan for continued communication and future collaboration in support of community anchor institution continuing education and community outreach broadband programs was developed based on feedback from project collaborators and expert interviews that resulted in a two-page letter of intent proposal submitted to the IMLS National Leadership Grants Program.The overall goal of this planning project is to determine how best to educate rural librarians in order to maximize the benefits of broadband adoption in rural northwest Florida by addressing the following questions: what topics are essential, who should be involved in the education and planning processes, and which venues are most appropriate and effective for the training based on prior Information Institute research.

Events: Information Institute Announces July 31 2014 for Panhandle Florida Broadband Summit Meeting