NSF ATE Broadband Pathways Poster Presented at iConference 2014 in Berlin

iConference 2014, the annual conference of the iSchools organization, include a poster "Assessing Information Technology Educational Pathways that Promote Deployment and Use of Rural Broadband" in Berlin, Germany March 4-7, 2014.

NSF ATE iConf 2014 poster










NSF ATE Broadband Pathways project Co-PI Marcia A. Mardis presented the poster which described work currently being done on the $850,000 NSF grant received by the Information Institute in June 2013. Find out more about the Broadband Pathways project in the project abstract and website.

The poster was completed by Mardis, Laura Spears, Jisue Lee, and Laura-Edythe Coleman, graduate research assistants at the Information Institute, and Charles R. McClure, Director of the Information Institute.