McClure’s Journal Publications Identified as Highly Cited and of High International Quality

Charles R. McClure, PhD, Francis Eppes Professor and Director of the Information Use Management & Policy Institute, College of Communication & Information, Florida State University has been identified for his work being heavily cited and for its overall high quality.

In a research paper authored by Jiamg Li et al., published July 2010 in the Journal of Infometrics, and titled “Ranking of Library and Information Science Researchers,” Library Information Science (LIS) experts judged McClure’s work as “internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance and rigour.”

The paper also compared a number of different indices that assess the citation counts of 101 leading LIS researchers and found that McClure was very highly cited regardless of the indexing method employed. A preprint of the paper can be found at:

Such recognition is not new for McClure. In a 2006 research study by Adkins and Budd that appeared in Library and Information Science Research, McClure was recognized as the 4th most productive LIS faculty member in journal productivity during 2001-2005. The same study also found that he was only one of four LIS faculty that has been ranked in the top 10 of LIS faculty for journal productivity since 1981.