McClure Gives Invited Presentation at the Annual American Library Association Conference, June 26, 2010, in Washington D.C.

Speaking on the topic of “Broadband Capacity and Planning Issues,” Charles R. McClure, Francis Eppes Professor of Information Studies and Director of the Information Institute, told the audience that broadband planning is essential for high quality Internet services. The program, sponsored by the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), covered a range of topics offering ideas for how library broadband services can be improved.

McClure noted that the broadband speed coming into the library at the “front door” is not the likely speed at the library workstation. Indeed, he has worked with some libraries that had a 10 megabits per second broadband connection at the front door and only a 33.3 kilobits per second connection at the workstation. There are numerous reasons why broadband connections drop by the time they reach the workstation. These and other issues related to broadband capacity and planning can be found by clicking and viewing McClure’s PowerPoint presentation.