McClure and Doster Give Presentation at the Florida Library Association Conference, May 4, 2011, in Orlando, Florida

Speaking on the topic of “Planning for the Future: Using Database Usage Statistics to Map Out Future Library Development,” Charles R. McClure, Francis Eppes Professor of Information Studies and Director of the Information Institute, and Karen C. Doster, former Research Associate at the Information Institute and current Overnight Manager at Strozier Library, told the audience that libraries can analyze and understand electronic database usage data in order to plan future staff training, create targeted programming for users, and guide collection development. 

The program, presented at the Florida Library Association conference on May 4, 2011, covered a range of topics offering ideas for how libraries can analyze and understand usage data to better understand their users and meet their needs.  McClure stressed the importance of accessing the use statistics available from Gale-Cengage as a means to better use, market, and promote the various databases in the Florida Electronic Library.  These and other issues related to electronic database usage data and library planning can be found by viewing McClure and Doster’s PowerPoint presentation (PDF).

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