Institute Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Jung Hoon Baeg Accepts iSchool Faculty Appointment

This fall Florida State University’s School of Information (iSchool) welcomes Dr. Jung Hoon Baeg as an incoming member of the faculty. Dr. Baeg is a current postdoctoral fellow with the FSU Information Use Management & Policy Institute. Also joining the iSchool this fall are Dr. Diogo Oliveira, Dr. Yubo Kuo, and Lucas Von Hollen.  

Dr. Marcia A. Mardis, associate professor and assistant dean with the iSchool, stated: “Jung had overwhelming support from the faculty to join us. Everyone deeply respects and recognizes the care he has for students and passion he has for students. We feel like we will be even stronger with Jung as a permanent part of our family.”

To describe his transition from postdoc and adjunct professor, to a faculty member, Dr. Baeg musically quotes the Pointer Sisters: "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!"

“It’s the people,” Dr. Baeg immediately answers when asked about the highlights working with the institute. He continued to explain this collaborative working environment allowed him to exercise his statistical data expertise and provided an opportunity to expand his research experiences.  

Congratulations to Dr. Jung Hoon Baeg!