Information Institute Receives Award for Evaluation of Florida Electronic Library (FEL) Outreach Efforts

Since 2002, the Information Use Management and Policy Institute (Information Institute) of Florida State University, College of Communication and Information, School of Library and Information Studies has engaged in multiple evaluations of the Florida Electronic Library (FEL) for the State Library & Archives of Florida (State Library). For this current project the Information Institute will engage in a number of activities to (1) identify, collect, and analyze end user data; (2) design an outline for an interactive database; and (3) make recommendations for marketing.

These current assessments build on prior assessments of the FEL conducted by the Information Institute for the State Library & Archives of Florida. The current project's evaluation efforts will continue to assist the State Library & Archives of Florida in the development and implementation of the FEL.

Further information about the project details and abstract can be found on the Information Institute’s website.