Information Institute Announces Libraries and E-Government Initiative

The Information Institute is developing a website devoted to E-Government and public libraries. The goal of the website is to inform the library/government community about E-Government in public libraries; provide a web forum to allow librarians the opportunity to ask questions and discuss E-Government issues; provide access to a range of E-Government resources; demonstrate "best practices" of libraries providing E-Government services; assist libraries engage in E-Government services; and assist public librarians and government officials assess and improve E-Government services. The E-Government for Public Librarians website is located at the following link:

The project directors are Drs. John Carlo Bertot and Charles R. McClure. Bertot said that the initiative is "designed to inform and help public libraries as they provide increased support for E-Government services and resources." McClure added that it is "critical that policymakers and researchers understand the significant roles that public libraries play in the E-Government arena." Both Bertot and McClure consider a purpose of the website is to help libraries develop advocacy strategies that demonstrate the value and essential nature of library E-Government services and resources.

Bertot has been conducting Library E-Government workshops to help public librarians libraries understand the E-Government context, the roles of public libraries in E-Government, and issues and strategies for libraries to consider as they move forward in the E-Government context. Download a PDF version of the workshop slides. For additional information regarding the workshops, contact Bertot at jbertot at fsu dot edu.