Gulf Oil Spill Dangers Increase with Start of Hurricane Season 2010

With the start of what is predicted to be an active hurricane season, the dangers of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill move farther inland. According to a New York Times article, researchers are concerned about the potential for hurricane force winds compounding the existing environmental disaster in the Gulf.

If a hurricane’s path collides with the spill, the winds and storm surges could push the oil on the Gulf’s surface over a wider area of the Gulf, and even farther inland. This “unprecedented environmental catastrophe” possibly could even intensify the storm’s effects by heating the water. There are hopes that the oil could weaken the storm but this has yet to be proven.

For further information on the Gulf Coast oil spill, please see The White House’s web page dedicated to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill. Keep checking the Hurricane Preparedness & Response for Florida Public Libraries web portal for more information regarding the 2010 Hurricane season.