FSU Celebrates the Launch of the Renewable Energy Research Portal

FSU celebrates the launch of the Renewable Energy Research Portal. The portal identifies, organizes, and makes available, via a web portal, research generated by FSU's IESES as well as other research from participants in the Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC). The portal was officially launched on April 5, 2010 and is currently available. The project investigators are Charles McClure, Ian Douglas and Chris Hinnant.



The goal of the portal is to provide Florida researchers, businesses, investors, decision makers, and citizens with the research information they need to accomplish statewide energy goals.

The site is an operational web portal that identifies, organizes, and provides access to a range of research related to renewable and alternative energy information. It will use a range of social networking techniques to grow and sustain itself as an active information exchange for renewable energy researchers and stakeholders.

The development of the portal is the result of a collaborative effort between the Information Institute of the College of Communication and Information and the Knowledge Communities Research Group (KCRG) at the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University. The portal’s design is grounded in a needs assessment study of IESES and FESC researchers conducted by Information Institute staff during the spring and summer of 2009 and a software model developed as part of the Global Usability Knowledge Management project previously developed by the KCRG. The Renewable Energy Research Portal has functions that will allow it to grow and expand according to the needs of renewable energy partners in Florida. The project team wishes to invite all interested in renewable energy research and resources to use the portal and provide constructive feedback. The project team can be contacted by email at energy@cci.fsu.edu.