Dr. John Carlo Bertot Resigns From FSU

Dr. John Carlo Bertot, associate director of the Information Institute and professor in the College of Information, will be leaving Florida State University and the Information Institute effective August 8, 2008. He will join the faculty at the University of Maryland’s College Park, College of Information Studies, as a professor and director of the newly formed Center for Library Innovation.

This opportunity will enable Dr. Bertot to share his knowledge and expertise with new colleagues, and to become director of his own Institute. He will also have close ties to Dr. Paul Jaeger’s Center for Information Policy and E–Government, also at the University of Maryland. Dr. Jaeger is a graduate of FSU’s College of Information and former employee of the Information Institute.

Dr. Bertot will continue his affiliation with the Information Institute in the short term on our ALA–Gates grant for work on the Public Library and the Internet National Survey, which continues through August 2009. Beyond that, Dr. Chuck McClure, director of the Information Institute, and Dr. Bertot envision continued collaborative efforts on a range of projects between the named research institutes.

We feel very fortunate to have worked with Dr. Bertot during his 8 year tenure at FSU. He was very instrumental in co–building the Information Institute into the successful research organization that it is today. We wish Dr. Bertot every success in his future endeavors and look forward to working with him in the years ahead.