Dr. Charles R. McClure Presents at the Association of Research Libraries' Library Assessment Conference

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Tallahassee - Charles R. McClure, Francis Eppes Professor and Director of the Information Use Management & Policy Institute (Information Institute), was a presenter and contributor to the Library Assessment Conference: Building Effective, Sustainable Practical Assessment, held October 25-27, 2010, in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. McClure made a presentation entitled Conducting Practical Library Assessments that Promote Program Change and Improvements, which covered a number of recent studies conducted by the Information Use Management and Policy Institute (www.ii.fsu.edu) at the College of Communication and Information, Florida State University.

The presentation demonstrated how, over the Information Institute’s 11-year history, the staff accomplished effective, sustainable, and practical assessments that affected change and improved the delivery of library services and programs The indication was that such studies do not to have to be expensive nor does the methodology need to be complicated. The presentation was authored by Lauren H. Mandel (Research Coordinator, Information Institute); Charles R. McClure (Director, Information Institute and Francis Eppes Professor); Bradley Wade Bishop (Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky), and John T. Snead (Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma).

Also at this conference, Dr. McClure along with Dr. John C. Bertot contributed a presentation entitled Assessing Public Library Use of the Internet. Dr. Bertot serves as Director of the Center for Library & Information Innovation, http://www.liicenter.org, in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. The presentation explored recent findings on how libraries are expanding their service roles related to providing Internet services. Dr. McClure is a noted expert on the evaluation of network services in the library environment, having co-authored several books and articles that include Evaluating Networked Information Services: Techniques, Policy, and Issues, and Public Libraries and Internet Service Roles: Measuring and Maximizing Internet Services. Other related publications can be found on McClure’s website.

Further information about these presentations will soon be available on the Library Assessment Conference website, http://libraryassessment.org/schedule/index.shtml, and will be announced here when it becomes available.

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