Charles R. McClure presented at the Library Assessment Conference

Dr. Charles R. McClure, Eppes Professor and Director of the Information Institute presented two research papers at the 2006 Association of Research Libraries Library Assessment Conference, September 25-27, 2006. The papers are entitled "Developing Best-Fit Evaluation Strategies" and "Web-Based Evaluation Instructional Systems: Design, Development, Issues, & Considerations." John T. Snead, Charles R. McClure, John Carlo Bertot, and Paul T. Jaeger coauthored the papers.

Developing Best-Fit Evaluation Strategies

This paper examines and describes considerations for the development of best-fit evaluation strategies based on local situational contexts for libraries. The paper addresses key issues and factors associated with selecting evaluation strategies based on specific situational contexts, drawing upon the lessons and findings from a range of library evaluation projects. The paper then presents future directions for the development and implementation of evaluation strategies for libraries.

Web-Based Evaluation Instructional Systems:
Design, Development, Issues & Considerations

This paper details a long-term evolving effort to provide evaluation instruction designed to address specific information needs for selected target groups from a centralized location within a networked environment. Additionally, this paper examines a content design process that focuses on user-centered data-appropriate evaluation methods where the content of the instructional system is comprehensive, organized, and presented for use by library researchers and practitioners in a variety of library settings and situational contexts. The authors review specific examples of web-based evaluation instructional systems developed at the Information Institute and offer suggested considerations for the future development of such systems.

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