CCI Faculty Researcher Dr. Faye Jones Selected for NCES Data Institute Research Group

CCI Faculty Researcher Dr. Faye Jones has been selected to be a member of the 2022 NCES Data Institute research group. The theme of the research group is “Using Federal Datasets to Support Research on Postsecondary Education.” Selected students participate in a 5-week course on NCES national datasets, a 16-week capstone project, and 3-day face-to-face meeting in Washington, DC in June 2022.

Dr. Jones was selected from a group of over 75 applicants. Proposals were submitted from scholars nationwide, and reviewed by the NCES-AIR review committee. Dr. Jones’ proposal centered around employability outcomes for students in computing and technology majors. Over the course of the next few weeks, Dr. Jones will meet with her assigned research group of doctoral students, faculty, and IR professionals to discuss potential topics for their research. The first stage of the process involves weekly online meetings with a NCES mentor skilled in federal datasets. Participants will have access to the NCES’ national data sets for future research projects. 

“Participation in the NCES Data Institute provides me with the tools, resources, and professional development to understand national trends in higher education for all fields, and especially for STEM fields.  There is an abundance of federal and state education-related data available that are not used as much as they should be,” Dr. Jones told CCI. “I am particularly interested in exploring factors that hinder and facilitate employment outcomes for computing and technology students, and how knowledge of these factors can improve career pathways for underserved students.” 

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