$5,000 Doctoral Research Fellowship Awarded

The Information Use Management and Policy Institute (Information Institute) at the College of Communication and Information, The Florida State University (FSU), Tallahassee, Florida, USA, is pleased to announce the award of a $5,000 research fellowship to Ms. Laura Spears Brenkus.  As part of the fellowship, Ms. Brenkus will work part-time at the Information Institute on a variety of research projects.

Ms. Brenkus brings to the Information Institute a wealth ofexperience related to libraries. Before working at the Information Institute, she worked as the Director of the Society of the Four Arts King Library in Palm Beach, Florida. She also has taught a variety of graduate classes as an adjunct professor for FSU’s School of Library and Information Studies. Her professional background includes participation as a board member for the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Advisory Council for the State of Florida Division of Library and Information Services, as well as for the Palm Beach County Library Association.  She also served as chair of the Florida Librarian Association Leadership Committee in 2009-2010. Her professional interests are in library leadership and advocacy, information education, and the creation and intermediation of individual data streams.

Ms. Brenkus holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Florida Atlantic University, and a Master of Science in Library and Information Studies from the Florida State University.  She began the doctoral program in Information Studies at the School of Library and Information Studies in the Fall of 2011.