Sponsor Benefits


Participating organizations will enjoy the following benefits of Institute sponsorship:

  • Recognition of Institute affiliation on the web site. Recognition and acknowledgement of the important support given by the sponsoring organization will be included in all news briefs and on the Institute's web site.
  • Web site access. All sponsoring members of the Institute will receive access to the Institute's Web site, which will provide current information on topics of interest to the Institute and members; links to especially useful sites; papers and reports developed by the Institute and affiliated experts; and other useful information.
  • Speakers. Sponsoring organizations will be able to draw upon Institute staff and affiliated experts to make presentations and speeches at the sponsoring organization's functions or meetings. The sponsoring organization will be expected to cover travel and instructional developmental costs for such presentations.
  • Copies of all non-proprietary research reports. The Institute will provide sponsors copies of project research reports as they are produced in all cases where the Institute's client does not retain a proprietary interest.
  • Faculty and Institute Liaison. An appropriate individual will serve as a point of contact for the sponsor. This liaison will be matched with the sponsor based on the faculty/institute person's area of expertise and the sponsor's interest.
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